Yoga Therapy Sessions

Decreased stress and improved quality of life are the primary objectives.

Yoga Therapy goes beyond the temporary effects of a weekly yoga class.

Guided by a trained Yoga Therapist, you will receive a yoga therapy session where you can create a personalized holistic health and lifestyle plan. Learn tools to more realistically manage stress and encourage living a better, more wholesome life.

EE Yoga Studio

As part of our commitment to the BODY and SOUL we have a established a yoga studio at our center. This calming space is utilized by campers during our after school programs and summer camps for yoga, dance, martial arts and strength training.

It is used by adults while students are in school and on the weekends for a range of things including donation yoga classes, mediation workshops, kettlebell and more! We are always looking for more ways to enrich our body and soul so if you would like to facilitate a class at our center please contact us!


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